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. as the government asks for help to prevent a full nuclear meltdown. i'm shepard smith live in tokyo. the news starts now. explosions have already rocked the reactors and if the containment systems fail, clouds of nuclear radiation could sweep into the sky. tonight, we'll show you how crews have been trying to keep things cool to prevent another disaster. and why it may already be too late. plus, some members of the u.s. military exposed to radiation as they try to help disaster survivors. and now the u.s. navy getting its ship out of the danger zone. good tuesday morning from tokyo, japan. 8:00 a.m. here in a metropolis of 13 million people in a. [no audio] >> jon: i'm jon scott in new york. we have temporarily lost our connection with shepard smith. shepard? >> shepard: infrastructure largely intact. and back here in tokyo, a city of 13 million people now dealing with the possibility of nuclear cataclysm. right now warnings of rolling blackouts that officials at tokyo electric power company or at the tepko warned they might have to lose to conservative energy. in the hardest hit areas north this wa
. i'm shepard smith and this is fox news continuing coverage of the aftermath, one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, including new information about radiation levels near the country's nuclear power plant or inside one. and new reports of damage in the state of california. but first -- >> shepard: this was part of the scene in japan when the 8.9 magnitude quake struck in the middle of the afternoon. a quarter to 3:00 in the afternoon on friday. the quake is nearly 8,000 times stronger than the one which devastated new zealand weeks ago. hundreds of aftershocks across japan have followed. so did a towering tsunami. with walls of water as high as 30 feet. four complete trains are now missing along the coast, train services are now suspended across much of the nation, stranding millions of commuters in the japanese capital. a ship carrying 100 people was swept away. thousands of homes are destroyed. even an airport is under water. hundreds are reported dead. hundreds even thousands missing. millions with no power. and the country in chaos. and continuing coverage just in to f
shepard smith on the ground in toke but the latest. all eyes on the fukushima power plant. moments ago officials heard a second explosion. it is believed the uranium fuel rods in each of the three reactors are melting down. more than a half million have been evacuated. today another explosion injured eleven workers. friday's quake knocked out the cooling system efforts to cool the meting rods using thousands of gallons of seawater are ongoing. on japan's eastern seaboard is being described as a tide of bodies. estimated 2,000 victims have washed ashore. crematoriums in the region are filled. authorities are scrambling to locate body bags. the official death toll is mounting a police chief said an estimated 10,000 are believed to be dead in his province alone. food and water shortages are complicated -- are complicating this crisis. temperatures near freezing as millions are without power. let me bring in shepard smith live in tokyo. >> shepard: sean, good morning from folk yo. just past 10 a.m. here. we are getting new information about how they believe this most recent explosion happe
correspondent greg palkot and from downtown anchor shepard smith. so, shepard, what's the most important thing, the most important thing that happened today in your opinion? >> i think the post important thing without question, bill, is the report from the united states nuclear agency that, in fact, eventually the material within them will be propelled in all directions. it will contaminate the water, the earth, and the air. as a result of that, workers won't be able to get in and as a result of that, they won't be able to maintain the other three reactors there and as a result, we have a disaster really beyond imagination, if they are right. >> bill: okay, now you know the japanese authorities are denying that, saying there is still water there and that is not happening. and which makes the story almost impossible to cover. >> well, actually, the united states reports that it has people on sight and its people have witnessed this firsthand and the united states track record on reporting of things like this is not like tepco which over a period of decades has not been completely accurate and i
radiation gets carried there. is no dispute this is a monstrous humanitarian disaster. shepard smith joins us live from tokyo where now just after 11 a.m.. >> shepard: good morning. it is hard to imagine all of these days late water the people of japan are dealing with. first a cataclysmic quake that we know was 9.0. followed by that a tsunami that no one predicted. follow that with a nuclear meltdown of sorts, of one reactor that explodes. another with a fire. now nuclear rods that are exposed sending we believe some sort of steam into the air that may contain radiation. thousands upon thousands of people missing. many hundreds still believed to be trapped beneath rub. families separated. thousands washed out to sea. economy teetering on the brink of collapse. families that can't get food, shelter and fuel to move out of the danger zone. and a government that is in some way trying to inform, the people about what their future may be. putting it all together, you couldn't write this that would be believable for hollywood. today on this wednesday morning it is reality for people across this
will go back to japan for an update on the situation with shepard smith and adam housley. that report up next. >> bill: back of the book segment tonight, let's go back to japan where fox news anchor shepard smith and correspondent adam housley are standing by. shep is in tokyo adam is in that can a -- shepard, you just had a mask on. hold it up. why are you wearing that mask? >> right. well, we just got off the phone with a nuclear specialist who has been talking about the situation about 75 miles to our north where the reactors are, bill. they told us that the wind will eventually shift down here and better to be safe than sorry. you wear that over your face it helps keep any particles from getting into your nose and mouth and body. the good news that he would hearing, unfortunately for the people that live right around those reactors, bill, is that rain is coming this afternoon and evening basically throughout -- into tomorrow, what this will do is knock those particles into the ground up there. again, bad for the people that are still up there because it will get into their food syste
to have new grave fears of a radiation leak. this nightmare just got worse. shepard smith is live in japan. latest from him in minutes. right now, more than 2,000 confirmed dead. waves of bodies washing ashore. that is only the beginning. the number of dead is expected to hit 10,000 or more. millions tonight have no food, no water and no heat in near freezing temperatures. they are homeless and cramming into shelters. this hell on earth started with the quake, then the monster tsunami wiping out villages. the only thing left to one village is their website. everything else, including its people, washed away. new haunting video from the airport. >> greta: you can hear the panic as the walls of water rolling taking everything in its wake, structures, cars even the people. at this hour, it is 11 a.m. in japan tomorrow morning where the japanese are raising the clock to prevent a nuclear meltdown. shepard smith joins us live from tokyo. >> shepard: good morning from tokyo. we are waiting to hear from the prime minister. this new explosion happened about five hours ago. just after 6 a.m. local
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gave back eight. still ahead, shepard smith reports from tokyo. and more on muammar gaddafi's struck to take back >> bret: the united nations security council met again today to talk about a no fly zone over libya. while muammar gaddafi's forces launched assault on a rebel-held town west of tri tripoli and they continue to try to retake territory in the oil-rich east. correspondent steve harrigan has the latest from the cap tall city. >> after a week of steady retreat, rebels of libya are beginning to run out of territory. just two eastern cities remain in rebel control. one of them is already under attack. attacks by government forces loyal to gaddafi follow a pattern. airstrike and moror and rocket fire and only then -- mortar and rocket fire and only then go ground fire advance. air power has been the deciding factor on the battlefield, especially on open desert terrain. cine esingly desperate call from -- increasingly desperate calls for no-fly zone have been increased. >> we would like the council to act as quickly as possible. consensus on the no-fly zone. >> pros fect for imme
falkner. fox news reporting with shepard smith. after that geraldo. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >> what was is no more. even when you see it you still can't believe your eyes. thousands killed and thousands missing in an earthquake and tsunami of epic proportions. when it hit japan shifted 8 feet. 15 minutes later 30-foot waes smashed into the northeast coastline. this tsunami from hell stretched across the pacific and in its wake cass indicating nuclear crisis spins out of control. hello, i am shepherd smith reporting from tokyo, japan for fox news reporting. the nation of 127 million people faces what the prime minister says is the most severe crisis since world war ii. japan is no stranger to disaster both man-made and natural. in 1923, 142,000 people died in the tokyo earthquake. today the nuclear melt down is having global repercussions threatening lives the economy and the environment. in the midst of it all the human spirit to survive endures. a look at how the first ten-days of this disaster in japan unfolded on fox news. >> march 11th, 2011 it was just a
. this is breaking news now on fox news channel, i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> shepard: they are attacking the problem from the air and the ground. part of the effort to cool down those fuel rods and reactors. >> even as japanese responders continue to do heroic work, we know that the damage to the nuclear reactors poses a substantial risk. >> shepard: and officials say what happens in the hours ahead is absolutely critical. plus, a new move to pull americans out of the danger zone. >> i'm concerned because i really don't know the situation about the radiation. >> shepard: tonight, the escape from japan. and good friday morning from tokyo where there is breaking news at the fukushima nuclear plant. multiple reports now indicate crews have successfully hooked up an emergency power cable to one of the plant's reactors. they have call it unit 2. we are waiting for them to turn on the juice. the cable stretches, they tell us, about sixth tenths of a mile from the power grid itself. the reuters news agency reports that it is the world's largest extension cord. if teams can g
to the north and east to lock themselves indoors and block any outside air. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and just into fox news, international coalition forces reportedly hit radar installations at two libyan air defense bases in the eastern part of the country as america's third war suspect and going. that's according to the reporting of the al jazeera satellite network. the two bases said to be located near the rebel strong hold of benghazi. meantime international forces are apparently getting set to explain that no-fly zone over libya. that word from the u.s. commander in the region. >> with the growing capabilities of the coalition, i anticipate the no-fly zone will soon extend to misrata and then to tripoli. >> shepard: so quickly it's assumed they had help from the ground. some kind of coalition ground forces. some initial strikes against the government forces hit near the city of benghazi. rick leventhal is streaming live from that city tonight. what are you seeing there? >> you know, shepard, it will h. been rela
to be on the lookout for other smugglers trying this same trick. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. bloody new battles in the city of ajdabiya. gateway to the east there. rick leventhal has been watching the action from the front lines in the area. here is his report from earlier. >> the highway between benghazi and ajdabiya is littered with tanks, rocket launchers and heavy artillery taken out by the nato firefighter jets. enforcing no-fly zone. the qaddafi army still has more tanks and heavy artillery. as we got close we pulled over to talk to a rebel fighter who had a pickup truck with antiaircraft gun welded into the back of the bed. as we were talking to them about how the fight was going, another man drove up and spread the word that qaddafi's army had -- was now in a flanking maneuver and coming around the other side of the town. and that there was a threat they believed to our position and to the fighters that are outside ajdabiya and reclaim that city. we moved and they moved toward the fight. the front line seems to h
. >> roger roll "discovery." >> jon: i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. first from fox tonight as washington and other world powers debate whether to take action in libya, the battles are raging. the libyan people are dying and muammar qaddafi is apparently trying some new tactics. today libyan state tv announced the government will pay $400,000 to anybody who captures the leader of the rebel fighters in eastern libya. so far, no word of any takers. and we are seeing incredible images from the battlefield that show the rebels are still keeping up a fierce fight. this is the scene in the eastern city of bin gentleman wad. rebel forces have been firing rokdz at qaddafi's forces weapon of choice is the antiaircraft gun. war planes have been hitting sites all around the town and doctors say at least four people have died in the latest fighting there. somebody also apparently blew up a nearby oil storage facility. the rebels and the government are blaming each other for the strike. and it's not clear who is actually responsible. qaddafi supporters are also claiming to now control the town of zawi
attorney general says the state will appeal that ruling. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and the world taking steps now to start imposing a no-fly zone over libya to protect opposition forces and civilians. italy and spain said they will let other nations use their bases to launch the air patrol. france, denmark, canada and britain have all promised to supply fighter jets. >> britain will deploy tornadoes and typhoons as well as refueling and surveillance aircraft. preparations to deploy have already started and in the coming hours move air bases from where they can start to take the necessary action. >> shepard: the british prime minister cammeron adds that the clock is ticking as he puts it if muammar qaddafi wants to prevent air strikes he better start getting serious about a cease-fire. the no-fly zone could begin within the next few hours. steve harrigan streaming live from capital city of tripoli. what's the regime, steve, saying now? >> shepard, the regime is saying two very opposite things. it's hard to know
will be on "the fox report" with shepard smith. i will be over on t broadcast network as you look live there with coverage and analysis. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," as always fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: mr. president, exactly why are we in the libyan civil war? when will the war -- will we war again as other dictators dictate? and when do we stop? [chanting] >> there is no imminent threat. there is no end game. there this is a nightmare. this policy has been characterized by confusion, indecision, and delay. >> shepard: president obama now looking to clear up any confusion and perhaps answer some big questions why did we get involved? how long could this last? and is this now u.s. policy whenever there is an uprising? but, first from fox this monday night, we're just minutes away now from the president's address to the nation on libya. president obama will speak from the national defense university at fort mcnair d.c. in abraham lincoln hall. a hall he helped dedicate two years ago. the president's remarks will come a
'm shepard smith, it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. after four decades in power, libyan leader muammar khadafy has had time to save up some money. international community froze his assets in attempt to weaken power but "new york times" reports that he has 10 billion dollars hidden away in tripoli. meantime. sanctions may not have had the effect adding pressure on the united states and the world to come up with another plan to address the crisis. it's led to a lot of talk about a no-fly zone. bill richard son joins us and former ambassador to the united nations, diplomatic experience, good to see you again. thank you. >> thank you, shepard. >> shep: what do we do here? >> think the time has come for some kind of international military option. i've said that a properly functioning international recognized no-fly zone through nato probably needs to happen. i would find ways to militarily jam the communications of khadafy's air force and military we can do that. i think we need to look at options that involve air lifts, supplies and weapons to some of the rebels, but
there is snow and freezing temperatures. shepard smith is live in tokyo with the latest. what is going on now at that fukushima power plant? >> shepard: right now that, we've been watching the live feeds they've made four drops of water. the first three of those drops according to nhk and the reporting of the japanese government were on that reactor number 3. yesterday they were telling us that numbers 1 and 2 reactors had been damaged number 3 had been damaged much of the roof off at number 3, we don't know why. they made three water drops on that. then white steam or smoke was seen coming out of there. possible explanations for that according to the nuclear experts is when the water hits it creates a steam. put cold water on something hot it makes steam. in this case that steam is expected to have radioactive material in it that's being released into the air. the winds are out of the west and the southwest. which means whatever radiation there is being pushed off into the pacific ocean. that's why members of the navy have gone around the other side of the island so are up wind. the fourth d
tomorrow. joining me on this and more is shepard smith. shep, every 24 hours there there's a lot of news developing. of course the fear this worst-case scenario about the reactors is the latest? >> shepard: the latest is me may be close to a fix at least they hope so. been working on this powerline. it amounts to a 6/10 of a mile line extension cord, if you will. from the main grid to the reactor number 2 at the fukushima nuclear plant. the hope is they will get that back online. they've been telling us the last hour they are hoping to have it done within the next couple of hours that would allow them to put water automatically on to the rods the nuclear fuel rods so people wouldn't have to be spraying them down. long term they could prevent a meltdown, they hope. we are not sure how that relates to the other two nuclear reactors. if nothing else, it is a start. we are hearing from the unthe belief is long term over the next two to three weeks they could be fighting this problem without any solution, at least for that long. as far as nuclear clouds coming to the united states, the presid
a combination of forces of mother nature that has been dealt japan this week. you can watch shepard smith reporting live from japan just ahead at 3:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox news channel, but he will also be anchoring the fox report at 7:00 p.m. live from tokyo. prices for flights out of japan are surge. i talked to one guy who lived there for 25 years, an says it's time. about a dozen foreign bankers selling out $160,000 for their flight out of tokyo. another group quote a quarter million dollars. japan's main airport packed with people central belling to leave over fears of radiation possibly spreading. european airlines shifted their operation to okaka from tokyo as a precaution. the whole thing that we have been watching. the thing that makes you pause when you look at pictures of japan's nuclear complex is what i was talking about with shepard. 50 people are still working there. they are literally risking their own lives to prevent a full-scale meltdown and protecting their fellow citizens. the conditions are beyond deadly, possibly, the radiation they are facing. there are int
it live starting 7:30 eastern time, shepard smith heads up our coverage during the 7:00 p.m. hour and will have it for you tonight, here on fox. 10:15 now, martha? >> we see our commitment of resources actually beginning -- >> how long does the no-fly zone last. >> first of all, nobody knows the answer, but once the air defenses have been suppressed, what it takes to sustain the no-fly zone is sub attention less than what it takes to establish it -- >> the president made clear there will be no american troops on the ground in libya. he's made that quite definite. martha: and we would imagine you will hear that again tonight. no american boots on the ground in libya. defense secretary robert gates standing firm on that issue over the weekend on sunday shows and he says president obama agrees with that. and the commander-in-chief says the mission has been so far successful, the defense team does not know how long this will go on, robert gates said there is no way of knowing how long we'll be there at this point. what actually will our role become, in this fast-changing environment?
shepard smith live in tokyo, he is up immediately after this break and we will also be joined by wendell goler who is live at the white house with its reaction. breaking news out of japan as that country tries to control and prevent meltdown. plus, president obama now weighing in on gun control. we'll show you what he's calling for and we will bring you the very first reaction from the nra, a fair & balanced debate upcoming. is it dangerous for starbucks to put that tip jar out in the open on its counter? a man is now dead, and coming up in "kelly's court" the venti-size lawsuit that is causing quite a stir for the company. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male anno
update on the crisis in japan any moment now. shepard smith is live in tokyo next, as we hear of lines at grocery stores and gas stations and there's a growing sense of worry. a man allegedly assaults dick cheney when he was vice president. charges were dismissed, but now a court has cleared the way for that man to sue the secret service agents who arrested him. is that a good idea? plus, a new challenge for the mosque being built near ground zero. a former new york city firefighter fighting in court to stop the project. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male announcer ] onglyza should not besed to treat type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if
catastrophe can be averted. i'm shepard smith. we'll be with you throughout the night during prime time for continuing updates. this is fox news channel, america's choice for news and information. our thanks to nhk in japan. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the obama administration and the american government clearly isn't trusting what's coming misleang the world about the nuclear danger in the country? we analyze this explosive situation and we'll hear both sides. [crying] [siren] >> good boy. >> also, glenn beck, lou dobbs, and ann coulter each have unique takes on the situation in japan. they will all be here. >> the commander and chief barack hussein obama is not marching in the same parade much less an as the same martin luther king. >> bill: and he's back. obama bashing once again. but, should anyone care what reverend jeremiah wright is saying? >> you are about to enter the no-fly zone, -- no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is japan misloading the world about the nuke danger? that is the subject of th
america. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." that's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. hospital workers in a libyan rebel stronghold say an explosion at an ammo depot killed at least 17 people. conflicting reports on what caused the blast. one doctor says it happened when people went into the area to retrieve weapons. but others insist moammar gadhafi's forces triggered the detonation. fierce fights raging in cities across libya as rebels and the regime battle for territory and against the back drop of violence, some called for the international community to intervene. earlier on studio b, i asked the libyan ambassador to the united states what exactly he wants from the pentagon. i should know the ambassador said he represents the libyan people and not gadhafi himself. >> please come and save the nation. the people being killed every day. libyan people, they're waiting to see the world moving ahead and to stop what is going on. we have seen so many statement, this is okay. but statement is not enough. we need action. >> shepard: we need action. and now ther
completely. shepard smith will join us live from tokyo in just a minute. also, juan williams will join me to discuss the president's lack of leadership in this crisis and others. major show down between michelle bachmann and anthony weiner. >> first in japan here's what we know. when that water dries up officials say the temperature in those reactors will increase putting officials on alert for melting fuel rods and suns -- and explosions. american authorities say the pool is out of water. japanese officials are denying those reports. tepco the operator of the nuclear plant says it is nearing completion of a new powerline that would restore electricity and revive the ability to cool the troubled reactors. once finished officials say they will try it as soon as possible. will that be soon enough? joining me on all of this, shep smith is live in tokyo. shep, this is just actually crossing the wires now as we come on the air. apparently helicopters are dropping in fact, water on the facilities right now. i don't know if that means the american officials were right or just added cooling water
. we'll be live tomorrow, latest pictures getting out of japan. shepard smith will be following the latest developments. stai stick around. . the motorola xoom tablet. with the velocity of a 1-ghz dual core processor, 3-d graphics engine, gyroscope, and a widescreen hd display. grab it and it grabs you. only at verizon. come on, guys. your dad's at the airport. see you. good game. see you guys tomorrow. dylan, you need a ride? no, my dad should be here.
news day. i'm shepard smith. continuing coverage. i'll be back at 5:00 eastern, 4:00 central. your world with cavuto after this. you like ? nice ! dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. outrageous comfort, all-day long.
. casey stegall, thank you very much. beginning tomorrow, fox report with shepard smith live from japan. shep will be on the ground to bring us firsthand the devastation, 7 p.m. eastern and 4 p.m. and as well as the other news of the day, let's go down to the middle east. chaos in libya, loyalists from moammar gadhafi, gaining background they lost. our journalists inside libya. the latest. and it's dramatic in los angeles, a helicopter hits the side of a building and catches fire. everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to he of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurce... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement
in the middle east and tonight a u.s. ally is on the brink. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> the president of yemen now promising to step down on one condition. tonight what he says has to happen and what about american interests if he actually does go. plus, in syria, and in jordan, new anger and new calls for change. l we'll take you inside the growing rage in the region and see what it means for us. >> plus, in libya, nato is getting set to take over the no-fly zone but american forces are still very much a part of this war. tonight, what washington plans and is there any end game? but first on fox this friday night, white house has announced president obama will address the nation monday evening. we're told he'll focus on the situation in libya during comments from the national defense university in d.c. the address is scheduled 7:30 eastern. earlier today he updated congressional leaders on libya and a senior aide says there is no clear end game on how to remove moammar gadhafi from power. more and reaction, as the u.s. prepares to hand thato control of the no-fly zo
tonight. thank you very much and starting tomorrow, fox report with shepard smith is live from japan. shep will be on the ground to bring us firsthand accounts of the devastation, watch for that 7 p.m. eastern and 4 p.m. on the west coast. new reports of relentless air strikes hammering rebels in libya. the latest developments from the battlefield and now those pro gadhafi forces could be threatening the opposition strong hold. is this a turning point in the fight for the future of that country? and the scene of a fiery helicopter crash, how witnesses say the pilot was saved just before that chopper burst into flames. >> breaking news on the situation we're watching out of virginia. the buchanan county sheriff's office saying in the town of grundy, 180 miles west of roanoke, confirming a suspected shooter has been killed. earlier police reported a man opened fire with a rifle on sheriff's deputies hitting all four of them. a local fox affiliate reported one deputy was rushed to a regional hospital. his condition now, and the status of the three others unknown at this time. virginia state
'm shepard smith. we're back later with the fox report and dow was way off today. concerns about what is happening in the eastern part of the saudi arabia and oil prices, as well. that is tonight on the fox report. right now, your world with cavuto. [ bell ringing ] >> neil: on wall street, investors can't dig out. a wisconsin, protestors dig in. on top of the sell-off and the pile on. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. now, we know whether y it's called the badger state. take a listen and take a look. >> stop the tricks. >> it's enough! it's enough. >> neil: protestors doing their damndest from voting on bill they say will be a union killer. dozens are arrested and outlawmakers, cause celeb that has gone viral. in florida, protestors furious over senate passing a bill, cracking down on teacher tenure. that is headed to the house. in indiana thousands of public workers turning out to challenge their right to work law they say guts unions. nearly two dozen states union workers are screaming. they say it's the battle that unions are losing. joins me from atlanta. herman, where do you think it go
. >> caroline, thank you very much from the studio. >> with the president speaking tomorrow night, our shepard smith will anchor live coverage right here on the fox report. 7 p.m. eastern, the president expected to speak about 7:30. it seems like it's a part of health care, the new law for reform that could have gotten mixed. and thanks to ballooning medicare costs the first time since 2009, senior citizens for social security were about to get higher benefit payments, they're called cost of living adjustments to cover the rising cost of gas and food, but wait, there's a problem. hire medicare costs to food and benefits. liz macdonald a here to explain. >> it's happening now because inflation has been going up and cost of living ajudgment, harris, is real low, 1.2% so what's going on now, you see 45 million americans in this country get both medicare and social security for the senior citizens that go to the doctor and get ten doctors visits. part b medicare payment. that covers though costs. what is happening now the medicare premiums are going up and wipe out the cost of living increase and
'm shepard smith. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. servicedes, inc. there is a fox news alert. there is extraordinary news and great news. a young man just found alive. he had been trapped for eight days under smothering rubble. no one thought any one could possibly still be alive eight days after this 9.0 earthquake ruptured japan. just minutes ago the japanese military making the extraordinary discovery and the rescue. the man buried in rubble in one of japan's hardest hit area. and more breaking news. japan makes another announcement though this is grim. the nuclear crisis level raised to a level five. meanwhile, more bad news. time, well, it is running out. japan could be facing its final option, to bury an active nuclear reactor and right now, teams are scrambling to get power pumping into two reactors. they have repaired the power cable but don't take a deep breath. they don't know if the power is working yet and even should the power work they don't know if the pumps they seek to get pumping with the power are working. the situation tonight remains very unstable. very u
shepard smith. i will be over on the broadst network as you look live there with coverage and analysis. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," as always fair, balanced informd fair and balanced. an analysis begins right now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> we knew that if we waited one more day, benghazi could suffer a massacre that would have have reverberated across the region and stained the con sense of the world. it was not in our national interest to let that happen. >> bill: president obama finally speaks to the nation about libya. did he impress you tonight? brit hume, juan williams and mary katharine ham will have analysis. [shouting] >> bill: libyan woman says she was brutally raped by qaddafi's thugs. we will have the inside story on the who horror this dictator is unleashing. >> wife should leave [bleep] she should walk out on this bamboozle butt dancing tom. >> bill: black panthers say michelle obama should leave the president because is he an uncle tom. hard to believe. caution, you are about to enter
. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time tore the top of the news. steaming away from the front lines in full retreat. as forces loyal to the libyan leader muammar qaddafi gain the upper qaddafi's forces pushing them back from the town of bin jawad past the oil port of ras lanuf. rick leventhal is just a couple of towns down the wrood more. >> pretty active scene here at this crossroads brega, oil port city still under opposition control. we are told down the 1 miles new front line. qaddafi's troops have pushed through ras lanuf and threatening this particular area as well. this is where the rebels are staging. where they are refueling. where they are also getting sustenance. they are getting juice, water, milk, canned goods out of the back of this box truck if you come this way getting their lunch. these guys drove their vehicle down from bin gazay. this bean mix. getting this, loaves of bred. they -- brady and bread and getting back to the front line. >> a spokesman for uganda's president tells the associated press the country has hist
this wednesday, march the 30th, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your place tonight. what about o'reilly? o'reilly is like in the ground. owe riley is in the ground. it was a rough day for her. she is fine now. >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> there are no quick fixes. anybody who tells you otherwise, isn't tell you the truth. >> >> bill: new poll says that indicator has fallen more than 20 points since he has been in office. is mr. obama losing the capacity to persuade americans? dick morris has the data. >> people have birth certificates. he hasn't have a birth certificate. >> bill: a wild interview with donald trump who says he would like to be president. >> i won't be taken advantage of by the rest of the world. >> in this no spin conversation, we will pin him down. >> people are afraid to talk about this subject. they are afraid to confront you. >> bill: also, dennis miller and karl rove will analyze the big interview with trump. >> this is getting a little weird. >> >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone, factor begins right now
. gregg, thank you. we're moments away from talking with shepard smith. he is live in downtown tokyo as he has been all week on the situation there. we're waiting for the u.n. vote approving possible airstrikes against libya. reports hitting of libya threatening retaliation against military and civilian targets. john bolton on what that means, coming up. he stood up for himself when another kid with not stop bullying him and he got in trouble. schoolyard justice in "kelly's court." brita, to make the water we drink, taste a little more, perfect. reduce lead and other impurities with the advanced filtration system of brita. sounds like a mini-wheats day to me! and becka's science fair is on the 8th. she's presenting the solar system. hey, i've got just the wholegrain fiber to keep her full so she can stay focused. um, you rock. she'll be ready to rock. [ female announcer ] make your kids big days, mini-wheats days. packed with 100% whole grain fiber, kellogg's frosted mini-wheat cereal has what it takes to help keep your kids full so ey can stay focused on the days that matter most. keeps '
elway reporting tonight. thank you very much and starting tomorrow, fox report with shepard smith is live from japan. shep will be on the ground to bring us firsthand accounts of the devastation, watch for that 7 p.m. eastern and 4 p.m. on the west coast. new reports of relentless air strikes hammering rebels in libya. the latest developments from the battlefield and now those pro gadhafi forces could be threatening the opposition strong hold. is this a turning point in the fight for the future of that country? and the scene of a fiery helicopter crash, how witnesses say the pilot was saved just before that chopper burst into flames. to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has gingko for memory and concentration plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have ever known. ♪ introding the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. ♪ the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct h
, march the 2nd, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your place tonight. back here tomorrow pacific time. 3:00 eastern time. o'reilly comes on 8:00 eastern time. he is always on time. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> search per -- semperfisemper nag coming home in body bags. >> bill: westboro wins the supreme court says they can interrupt military funerals all day long. the verdict that could bring even more harm to innocent americans. [chanting] >> bill: a wisconsin democratic assembly man tells a assembly woman she is dead because of the controversy over the unions. we will talk with the woman involved. >> the more this goes on, the more a these people are scaring the living hell out of me. >> bill: dennis miller has some comments on the union situation, qaddafi, and the oscars. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the bad guys win. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today the supreme court ruled 8 to 1 in favor of the vicious w
in the weather center. thanks. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. rebels here ajdabiya in eastern, libya sounding optimistic that coalition air strikes will help them retake that key city. >> this is a matter of time. time, maybe one day, less than one day the tanks will surrender. >> our senior correspondent rick leventhal reported earlier on the ajdabiya battles from the nearby city of benghazi. we have heard about yet another round of shelling coming from tanks and libyan soldiers in the city. and north of the city on rebel fighters gathered in the desert. the fighters continue to probe. libyan army troops continue to return fire. number of dead and wounded in the last couple of days in the fights down in ajdabiya. >> shepard: a couple hours ago the news channel reported that colonel qaddafi's taverns have began taking up position in the western edges of ajdabiya after coalition air strikes apparently drove them away. "the fox report's" chief correspondent john hand -- jonathan hunt is in our new york newsroom. >> certain
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